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Sandline 6x7


Sand Lines, Bright - Used in oil, gas and water drilling industries, this 6 x7 wire rope is also known as a sand line. It’s typically operated and stored on a winch drum and is capable of tensile forces higher than slickline. A fiber core gives this wire rope is very flexible and has an excellent resistance to fatigue from excessive bending. Spools evenly and resists kinking. Common uses: coring lines, sand lines, trawl cables, swabbing lines.

Common uses:

  • Coring lines
  • Sand lines
  • Trawl cables
  • Swabbing lines

According to Federal Specification RR-W-410E and API-9A Meets the performance requirements of A.S.T.M. A1023/A1023M Wire Rope for general purposes, as applicable. Poly core, bright, heavy lube, preformed, IPS, RRL.

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** 9/16" also available in galvanized

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* Listed for comparison only. Actual operating load may vary, but should never exceed recommended design factor or 20% of catalog breaking strength.

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