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Bright, IWRC, 6x19

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6 x 19 CLASS BRIGHT WIRE ROPE IWRC (EIPS)* STEEL CORE - 6 x 19 wire rope is a general purpose steel rope that’s widely used and is commonly used for winch lines, skylines and chokers. This wire rope overs a great overall combination of both flexibility and wear resistance.

* EIPS (Extra Improved Plowed Steel) wire rope has roughly 10% more strength than regular IPS. Independent wire rope core ( IWRC ) provides added strength, reduces the amount of stretch. IWRC wire rope also is resistance to heat and provides extra corrosion resistance over a typical bright wire finish.

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** EEIPS available in some sizes and constructions.

NOTE: Lang lay, left lay, alternate lay, seale available in some sizes. Heavy lubrication on request.

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* Listed for comparison only. Actual operating load may vary, but should never exceed recommended design factor or 20% of catalog breaking strength.

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Made according to Federal Specification RR-W-410E. Meets the performance requirements of API-9A, and A.S.T.M. A1023/1023M Wire Rope for general purposes, as applicable. Preformed, right regular lay.

  • Strong
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Resistant to Heat