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Stainless Steel Drop Forged Wire Rope Clips or Wire Cable Clips: Heavy duty wire rope clips in galvanized drop forged steel are excellent for in heavy duty applications and support lines due to the combination of extreme strength and corrosion resistance.

These are used to clamp the ends of wire rope or cable. These wire rope fittings are held in place by two nuts. Most of the time to secure wire rope you will need at least two or three wire rope clips to secure the ends to the length of the wire rope. Adding a wire rope thimble to the clip can help lengthen the service life of the wire rope by adding a layer of protection to the rope so it doesn’t get worn as quickly. Made according to federal specification FF-C-450D, Type 1, Class 1 "Forged"

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WARNING - Improper use and installation of forged wire rope clips can result in serious injury or death. - Forged Wire Rope Clips are the only type of wire rope clip approved for lifting purposes.

Specs for Stainless Forged Wire Rope Clips — (To order click the product above)


Meets the performance requirements of Federal Specification FF-C-450D, Type 1, Class 1 * Based on clean, unlubricated threads. The table above shows the minimum torque required to reach maximum holding power of wire rope clips. **U-Bolts and nuts zinc plated