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Wire Rope

Murphy Industrial Products is a leading wire rope provider. We have an on-site engineer, friendly experts and high-quality wire rope and wire rope accessories with a money back guarantee to make sure you purchase with confidence.

Our specialists are standing by and ready to help. (yep real people)

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  • Bright IWRC, 6x36
    Bright IWRC, 6x36 Shop
  • Bright Fiber, 6x36
    Bright Fiber, 6x36 Shop
  • Bright Fiber, 6x19
    Bright Fiber, 6x19 Shop
  • Bright IWRC, 6x19
    Bright IWRC, 6x19 Shop
  • Galv. Fiber, 6x36
    Galv. Fiber, 6x36 Shop
  • Galv. IWRC, 6x19
    Galv. IWRC, 6x19 Shop
  • Galv. Fiber, 6x19
    Galv. Fiber, 6x19 Shop
  • Galv. IWRC, 6x36
    Galv. IWRC, 6x36 Shop
  • Galv. Fiber, 6x24
    Galv. Fiber, 6x24 Shop
  • Stainless Steel 6x19
    Stainless Steel 6x19 Shop
  • Stainless Steel 6x36
    Stainless Steel 6x36 Shop
  • Compacted
    Compacted Shop
  • Cable Laid
    Cable Laid Shop
  • Drill Line
    Drill Line Shop
  • Metric 6x36 IWRC
    Metric 6x36 IWRC Shop
  • Rotation Resistant
    Rotation Resistant Shop
  • Sandline
    Sandline Shop
  • Strand
    Strand Shop

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Wire rope is great for just about any environment its strong, flexible and it’s length will remain constant when wet or dry. With a ton of different sizes, configurations, and materials that form wire rope there’s plenty to choose from no matter what your job requires.

All of our wire rope meets or exceeds Federal Specifications RR-W-410E.