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Eye & Eye Twist

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M-Sling Eye and Eye Twist Sling, Type 4 Twisted Eye Sling - Synthetic web slings are strong, offer load protection, light weight and economical.

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Being light weight and pliable the Twisted Eye Sling offers great versatility able to make lifts of a variety of materials. Twisted Eye (TE) slings are made with a loop eye on each end that is a at a right angle to the plane of the sling body. Twisted Eye and Eye Slings may be used in a vertical, choker or basket type hitch, but is recommended particularly for choker hitch applications. Eye and Eye slings are susceptible to cuts and abrasion damage, as well as damage from temperatures above 200 degrees. These synthetic industrial lifting slings should be protected from sharp edges, sharp projections and heat sources such as steam pipes, open flame and welding splatter.

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NOTE: Tapering - Types 3 & 4 are tapered at 3" and wider unless otherwise ordered. These wider slings are tapered at the bearing points to accommodate a crane hook.

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Nylon Slings/Synthetic Lifting Slings

Synthetic web lifting slings offer a number of advantages for rigging purposes:

  • Strength
  • Convenience
  • Load protection
  • Economy
  • light weight