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SUR-PAK Synthetic Energy Absorbing Dunnage



Murphy Industrial Products, Inc. is the Marketing and Sales Representative for SUR-PAK Products.  SUR-PAK Products are Synthetic Dunnage; inert, high-density polymer, (a product used to fill voids in shipping to protect cargo and in storage to protect product). Numerous industries have used this product for various applications as it can be fabricated into any shape necessary to protect the cargo SUR-PAK serves best in a “closed loop” shipping situation, which is a situation where the same vessel or vehicle returns to the source after completing deliveries.  Our product is very durable and made to be used over and over again for many years. SUR-PAK eliminates any environmental issues relating to retired dunnage. At the end of its service life it is returned to the factory to be recycled.

surpak saddles
SUR-PAK Saddles are designed to protect the blades of Wind Turbine Generators during shipment. These SUR-PAK Saddles are specially designed to fit the customer’s travel rack and protect the blades from damage caused by forces, vibration, bouncing, wind, etc., occurring during transport. These have performed flawlessly in eliminating damage and time spent rigging the blade for transport. If you use a different rack we can fabricate to your needs.

SUR-PAK also fabricates Bolsters used to store large, heavy pipes, vessels and Towers. See Photos on this page. This particular “Tower” weighs about 140,000 lb. The “pillow like” nature of the SUR-PAK Bolsters does not damage the surface of coated or painted products. Again, we can engineer to fit any arrangement you require.

sur-pak saddlesRailcar and truck packing can be accomplished in less time using predetermined SUR-PAK Dunnage Bar sizes and shapes to fill voids. SUR-PAK has stood the test of the laboratory and actual application. In the lab we compressed a 9” block of SUR-PAK down to 1” thick. At that point a 90,000 lb. load was applied to the block. When the load was released the SUR-PAK Block rebounded to its original 9” thickness.  SUR-PAK can take the high forces caused by “car connecting” or “humping” and recover to its original shape. In actual use SUR-PAK Dunnage Bars have been used in railcars carrying bins of products that previously used wood and “air bags” as dunnage.  Damage to the cargo was a regular occurrence when the wood and/or air bags were used.  All wood, etc. was replaced with SUR-PAK Dunnage Bars. No damage has occurred using SUR-PAK, and the load out has been reduced by 20 minutes per car.

SUR-PAK would like to have further discussion with you on you cargo protection requirements.  Our successes in eliminating losses in transport could be realized by you.

Points to remember:

SUR-PAK significantly reduces time required to load out a railcar or truck.
SUR-PAK eliminates transport damage.
SUR-PAK eliminates disposal of retired wood & cardboard dunnage.