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Rope & Cordage

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We offer a variety of natural fiber and synthetic soft ropes.

Manilla Rope is a strong natural fiber rope that is durable, holds knots well, and is low stretch. Manilla rope does absorb water and is susceptible to rot and mildew (must be dry before storing).

Synthetic ropes are stronger and more durable than natural ropes and are resistant to mildew and rot. See our synthetic rope options Polypropylene, Nylon, Amsteel Blue, and Purple Plasma below.

Not sure what kind of rope is right for the job? Our specialists are standing by and ready to help.

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product specifications:

Rope is divided into two categories: natural and synthetic (manmade) rope. Natural ropes include cotton and manila. They are generally softer, absorbent, and good for uses where rope is handled.

Synthetic rope is stronger and more durable. They are generally the most cost-effective since they have a longer life than natural ropes. Synthetic ropes are lightweight and strong so they’re great for towing and rigging.

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