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Ang. Contact Ball Bearing

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Ang. Contact Ball Bearing

Angular Contact Ball Bearing Swivels

Angular contact ball bearing swivels provide the most efficient way to handle the heavy thrust loads encountered in crane operation and other lifting and pulling jobs. The precision-ground, precisely matched bearings assure longer service life, superior performance, and much longer wire rope life where rope twist must be reduced or eliminated. The thrust load is transferred from an overlapping shoulder on the bearing race through the balls to the diagonally opposed shoulder on the outer bearing race. This distributes the load to the outer part of the barrel. The angular contact bearings are mounted in complements of two or more, depending on the load capacity of the swivel. They permit the load to rotate freely, yet they prevent the load from spinning. By permitting the wire rope to neutralize itself, they can extend the wire rope life multiple times. The angular contact ball bearing swivel design results in highly reduced torque levels- 50% to 70% less than the torque levels found for traditional thrust bearing swivels, especially as load increases. Machined from high-quality alloy steel and are zinc plated for long-term corrosion protection. Working loads range from ½ to 1000 tons.

Features and Benefits:
  • First ever angular contact bearing design
  • Standard models with W.L.L. from 0.45 through 300 tons
  • Specials available with W.L.L up to 1000 tons
  • Wire rope sizes 1/8" and up
  • Multiple Angular Contact Bearing Design extends the life of the wire rope and maximizes efficiency, reliability and service life
  • Lowest starting torque for faster response & higher rotational speeds
  • Structural components machined from forged alloy steel- not cast
  • Zinc plated inside and out for effective protection against corrosion
  • Standard hook models utilize high quality forged alloy steel hooks produced to DIN standards 15400 and 15401
  • Design Factor of 5 to 1 minimum for swivels 35 ton and below
  • Design Factor of 4 to 1 minimum for swivels 45 tons and above
  • Proof Load is 2 x WLL
  • Models 8.5 tons and up include lubrication fitting

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