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Grade 100

Grade 100 Chain Hooks, Coupling Links, Oblong Master Links, and Sub Assemblies. Made in Italy (Cartec) listed but Made in USA also available.

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  • Clevis Grab
    Clevis Grab Shop
  • Clevis Grab w/ Latch
    Clevis Grab w/ Latch Shop
  •  Clevis Self Locking
    Clevis Self Locking Shop
  • Clevis Sling
    Clevis Sling Shop
  • Clevis Foundry
    Clevis Foundry Shop
  • Eye Foundry
    Eye Foundry Shop
  • Eye Shortening Grab
    Eye Shortening Grab Shop
  •  Eye Self Locking
    Eye Self Locking Shop
  • Eye Sling w/ Latch
    Eye Sling w/ Latch Shop
  • G100 Coupling Links
    G100 Coupling Links Shop
  •  Oblong Master Links
    Oblong Master Links Shop
  • Sub Assemblies
    Sub Assemblies Shop
  • Swivel Self-Locking
    Swivel Self-Locking Shop

Grade 100 hooks have superior strength and high working load limits we also offer a full line of chain assemblies.

All of our grade 100 chain and components meet or exceed NACM, ASTM, AND OSHA requirements.

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