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Hooks are vital for many rigging applications, but can vary widely in their designs and breaking strengths. Murphy has the right hook you’ll need for any job. Not sure what you need? Give us a call.

Our specialists are standing by and ready to help. (yep real people)

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From simple transport chain hooks to Grade 100 heavy duty hooks we have them all. Hooks come in many variations so you should have a basic understanding of the purpose of them.

Grab hooks - just like the names suggests it’s designed to grab chain and not slip off the hook

Slip hooks - Has a wider opening than the grab hook but serves the same purpose also come with or with out a latch to keep everything in place

Clevis hooks - These hooks have a clevis and a pin/bolt that make it easy to attach or remove the hook from chain.

Eye hooks - These hooks have a round eye at the base and are commonly used with rope and when the hook does not need to be easily removed.

Self Locking hooks - again as the name suggest these have a latch that locks on place to make sure the hook doesn’t open.

Swivel hook - these hooks swivel and allow the hook to twist without breaking