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[NEW] 6 Forklift Work Baskets Added To Our Product Lineup

By Tim Muprhy 1 years ago No comments

Forklift work baskets extend the use of your forklift & make life easier ...

We now have Forklift Work Baskets in all shapes and sizes.

Quickly and safely reach elevated heights to work on equipment, move products around, make your forklift more useful and more with a forklift work platform.

These handy work baskets can make life quite a bit easier around a warehouse, trust me i've used them. The guys here at Murphy are happy we bought some for ourselves.

That's why we decided to add them to our inventory. I had an itch that needed to be scratched and decided that someone else probably had that same itch ... When you have something that you need to lift, pull or tie-down you can always count on us for a solution (shameless plug).

The below photo show the options we have in stock and ready to ship today:

• Full-length fork pockets provide added safety and strength to the safety man basket. Safety Chain secures man basket to the forklift. Each forklift man basket ships fully assembled, ready to use.

• Meets all OSHA requirements when used with a full safety harness and lanyard.

• If you’re in California you’ll need the high back option to meet OSHA requirements.

Start using these work baskets today and you'll start finding uses for them you never even thought of.

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