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Safest, Fastest Load Binders You'll Ever Use ...

By Tim Muprhy 6 months ago No comments

Safer, Faster and Easier to Use Than Ever Before ...

These load binders take seconds to tighten and loosen. Not only that they bust through dirt & grime and can take anything you can throw at them.

These binders are up to 30x faster than regular load binders.

Oct 2, 2018 12:49:15 AM

They will:

  • Keep labor cost down
  • Still operate as a manual load binder
  • Built to last
  • Less idle time for trucks
  • Power through dirty/neglected binders

TorqueDrive binders are manufactured with heat treated, forged components for a long dependable life. Smooth operation, due to a precision aligned worm gear assembly with grease fitting, for years of trouble free service. This is truly a unique high quality binder.

These load binders help keep your gloves clean and dry. You only need to hold on to the handle and portable drill. No need to rotate the barrel by hand like traditional binders.

Manual Binders are limited in many ways . Lever binders are dangerous and illegal in many states. Ratchet binders can be time consuming to operate, often needing to be reversed and re-tightened if not enough chain links are attached. TorqueDrive™ binders are the better choice. Give them a try you won't be disappointed ...

Here is video series as proof to how fast these binders are:

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Order Your Torque Drive Binders

Oct 17, 2017 1:43:58 AM

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