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Time Vampires - Take Back Your Day

By Tim Muprhy 1 years ago No comments

The Vampire. A mythical creature created by the human imagination whose only food source is warm blood - the precious (and scary) commodity that keeps vampires alive.

Vampires have regained popularity. If you live with teenagers, you’re already (perhaps painfully) aware of this fact! Vampires conjure images of terror and intrigue as they suck the life out of everything they encounter.

Then there’s that other vampire I bet you’re intimately familiar with: The Time Vampire. Far worse and even scarier than Dracula - the king of vampires.

Why scarier? Time vampires aren't mythological folklore. Time vampires are real and they’re sucking us dry every single day of our lives.

These are the people who don't seem to have anything going on in their lives and enjoy using your important time to satisfy their need to be entertained.

The critical things you really need to do - the productive tasks that move your life in a positive direction - lie waiting as the Time Vampire gets its fix. They feed off your time instead of your blood.

As author Dan Kennedy says:

"Time Vampires are needy, thirsty, selfish, vicious, creatures who, given an opportunity, will suck up all your time and energy leaving you white, weak and debilitated."

Once they have found a good meal, they come back every day. You regenerate yourself with a good meal, a good night's sleep and a vial of vitamins, all to no avail; they're waiting for you tomorrow, just where they left you yesterday.

Being able to recognize these vampires is the first step in protecting yourself from their evil ways.

No matter how many Time Vampires you have in your life, Murphy Lift-Pull-Tie-Down can give you time back. Because dealing with us is so quick and efficient, it’s almost like we’re making up time you thought you lost!

We’re committed to making your Murphy experience 100% hassle free. We’re here to make your life easier. That means quick quotes and orders that ship the same day.

Contact us and we'll get your day back.

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