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Choose the Correct Tie Down Straps to Secure Your Cargo

By Tim Muprhy 1 years ago No comments

Tie Down Straps are used for cargo securement on trucks & railcars, both flatbed and box, cars & trailers. These straps are commonly fabricated from Polyester Flat Webbing designed for the Transportation Tie Down application. Webbing for this use is woven in 1” through 4” widths. Heaviest application using 3” or 4” webbing will mount “winches” along frame or bed rails to store and tension the straps. Other applications use a Ratchet Tie Down Strap Assembly. These assemblies come made to length, complete with hook or link both ends, webbing and a ratchet to tension the web applied to the assembly securing the load.

Be aware that there are several grades of Tie Down Straps.

  • Light Duty – for the general consumer, occasional use.
  • Commercial Heavy Duty – Industrial Transportation, Heavy Duty Use
  • Diamond Weave™ – Patented Webbing performed 5x longer in Lab Testing, Extra HD.

Consult the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) & American Association of Railroads (AAR) for rules on cargo securement. Rigging Configurations differ based on Cargo and Conveyance. It is important to know these requirements to avoid issues.

Tie Down Straps are used by a wide range of industries and for many different applications. Many different configurations are available.

Choose your end fittings based on the connections available in your vehicle:

  • Flat Hooks – Made to fit flat bed rail
  • Wire Hooks – Fit weld on D Rings or similar anchors
  • Triangle Links – Closed Triangle require an anchor that is open for connection.
  • Oval Links – Closed Oval Links also require an anchor that is open for connection.
  • Tail Chains – Short chain with grab hook wrap around a bar or rail and grab hooks chain
  • E Track -- requires an E Track installed on wall or floor of vehicle – made to fit.

Custom lengths, fittings and configurations are available from most suppliers. For more information to help you select exactly what you need, GO TO:

If you are a commercial operator be sure that you are utilizing Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Tie Down Straps and Ratchet Tie Down Assemblies. If you find that you are unhappy with service life that you are receiving from the Straps that you are currently using, call MURPHY INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS, INC. and get information on replacing your current straps with our longer life, Diamond Weave™ Webbing Straps. This Diamond Weave™ webbing lasted 5x longer in laboratory testing and has shown 2x to 4x longer service in real life applications.

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