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Should business & creativity intersect?

By Tim Muprhy 1 years ago No comments

We tend to think of creativity being the domain of artists. Business people – especially entrepreneurs - are regularly called on to be creative and innovate, to come up with new ideas, test and implement them if they work.

Here’s a fascinating bit of insight into creativity – George Land did some research years back using a test developed for him by NASA to determine the creativity of children in various age groups. They used a numbered scale and considered anyone who got 10 out of 10 to be a genius.

The genius results are shocking:

3– 5-years old: 98% are geniuses
8– 10 years old: 32% are geniuses
13– 15 years old: 10% are geniuses
Adults: 2% are geniuses

It’s no coincidence that we get increasingly less creative as we age. Turns out NON-CREATIVITY is a learnedbehavior. Creativity is encouraged in kids, but discouraged as we get older.

What does this have to with business? Plenty! Creativity and innovation are close cousins. Do you think the idea for NETFLIX required innovation? They were creative enough to realize DVDs were cheap and lightweight and they solved the biggest existing problem in the video business: having to return the darn things.

Amazon has changed the entire way we do business online. Why does it work so well? Their search engine development, designed to recommend you enough products and similar products to find something that matches your needs. And, their customer reviews makes it a go-to site, no matter where you purchase – but you’re likely to purchase right there when you find it there. Why? It’s easy to do – they CREATED it that way.

Here at Murphy, we’re using our creativity to be ever more responsive to your needs. Call one of our super friendly customer service guys – you’ll see what I mean. You’ll get connected right to them and they’re empowered to get you the best deal.

Here’s to your creativity and innovation. From small to large – it all matters.

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