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Murphy's New "Shipping Model" Reported on in Over 20 National Publications

By Tim Muprhy 1 years ago No comments

This has been an exciting couple of months here at Murphy Industrial Products, Inc. We knew there was a problem in our industry with getting the products needed to customers fast enough. So how do we fix this problem I asked? Me and the guys knocked around a couple of solutions but nothing seemed to stick.

So what did I do … Took a HUGE gamble and stuffed our warehouses with products so no one has to wait on anything, anymore at all. (shameless plug - still questioning that decision so come buy some stuff already). More than 80% of our orders now ship the same day. If you order it we’ll get it out to you that very same day.

Some items are still going to be customand will need to be made by hand. That’s just the nature of the beast, you can’t plan for every single configuration, application or use of every product needed. What we can do is take the averages of our most used products and make sure those are stocked and ready to ship at a moments notice.

And I’m not talking a few pieces of chain with some binders and maybe some ratchet straps. I mean Rows and rows of chains & Binders, Slings up to the ceilings (see pic below from warehouse), So many straps your head will spin. More shackles than will fit in a dump truck, Need wire rope yeah we have about 500 tons of the stuff.

How about hooks, lifting points, crane blocks, fork lift extensions, eye bolts, hoist, pallet jacks, plate clamps, rope, spreader bars, blocks, turnbuckles, etc … you get the point. My hand would fall off if I typed it all out. If you need it we have it. I we don't we'll bend over backwards to get it for you.

The big problem we figured out is that companies traditionally had to order from multiple suppliers to get one job done. Does that make sense? Heck no. It makes the process slow & complicated.

We decided to make ordering what you need easy, fast and all from one place. Visit us: or just give us a call: 866-338-0490

One visit or phone cal and your done we’ll have what you need on the truck by the end of the day!

Oh and here's the kicker … I decided to heck with it, every single order ships for free as well.

Well with all that said and done someone took notice because it seems we've been reported on by a few folks around the industry. Here's a few links to the national publications we've had a story in. Pat on the back to all the hard work the warehouse guys have done getting everything together.

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