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Select the Right Ratchet Tie-Down Straps for Your Application

By Tim Muprhy 1 years ago No comments

Choosing the right Ratchet Tiedown Straps(ratchet straps) for your application is extremely important. This selection is especially important when searching for best ratchet straps for heavy cargo; you want the best straps for your specific application and the type of loads involved.

Ratchet straps are used by many industries, as well as tiedowns for different types of cargo. When choosing straps, you also want to consider the different modes of transportation, as well as specific challenges. For instance, goods can be transported by truck, ship, air carrier, railway, and so on. In addition, sometimes cargo is exposed to the elements and high temperatures, which creates unique challenges. This is why it is so critical to choose the best straps for your situation.

Whether choosing ratchet straps for heavy or light to medium loads, you want to ensure the cargo is tight and secure and that the risk of catastrophic load release is dramatically reduced. To select the best straps for your specific application, the following information will help.

  • Calculations – For starters, you need to determine the working load limit (WLL) of the ratchet strap assembly. Use enough strap rating to equal the cargo loading weight. Consult your Industry Standard.
  • Hardware – Straps are used in conjunction with various types of hardware. Because of the way these straps are used, the hardware is vital. You have different options, such as D-rings, wire hooks, flat hooks, and so on. Based on your application and other factors, you can select the best straps and hardware. A few examples include oblong master links that meet or exceed OSHA 1910 and ASTM A952 for overhead lifting; D-rings that offer maximum durability for material handling equipment, marine vessels, steel, and trucks; and galvanized forged or stainless steel lashing D-rings for offshore use.
  • Metal – You want to pay attention to the metal portion of ratchet straps, as well. Not only are different metals and coatings available, there are varying levels of quality. When using ratchet straps for heavy cargo, the type and quality of metal are critical to ensure loads are lifted efficiently and safely or the cargo is maintained securely. Consumer grade product will generally not hold up as well in a heavy duty, high cycle application. Be sure to request heavy duty cycle rated winches, straps, ratchets and hardware.
  • Cargo Control – is not to be used for lifting but rather for load securement. Do not lift products using ratchet tiedowns or any cargo control items.

Remember, there are always superior products, rated for longer service life available to ultimately reduce your costs over a period of use. These products will last longer requiring you to replace less often.

Choosing the right ratchet tiedown straps for your application is so important; you want to work with a respected and trusted company. At MURPHY INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS, INC. our experts will gladly help determine the best straps according to your specific needs.

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