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Meeting John Rich ...

By Tim Muprhy 1 years ago No comments

Oct 11, 2017 10:10:19 PMI was recently in Dallas, Texas where I had the pleasure of meeting John Rich after a speech he gave to about a thousand people. He had some very intersting things to say... If you don't know John Rich, he is best known as part of the country music's duo, Big and Rich and was the most recent winner of Donald Trump's "The Apprentice."

John has an interesting story. He was born in Amarillo, Texas and grew up in a trailer park. "I wanted to be a country star and I didn't have a back up plan. Succeeding on my first plan was my only option." In order to accomplish this, John wrote more than 2000 songs and did not produce a good song until reaching 600 songs!!!

Each song took about 10 hours to produce. He expalined to the crowd that he carries a U.S. Constitution in his hip pocket and "anyone who critcizes success, probably has not had success." One man, a piece of paper and a guitar. Not much of a head start you would think, right? Now, he has 30-40 employees working for him.

One thing that I really liked that he said was "the biggest mistake I see people making is that when the ball starts rolling, most sit back and watch it roll. NO!!! don't watch it roll! Kick the hell out of it!!!"

Interestingly enough, John told me the story of how he met Miranda Lambert. While she was bartending for him, she got on stage to sing a song. They ended up writing "Red Neck Woman" together and of course Miranda is a very famous and talented musician herself.

John also spoke of his interactions with Donald Trump, describing Trump as the ultimate intimidator. "That's Trump's M.O." John said. The way he decided to deal with Trump was to stare at Trump's forehead as if he had an imaginary hole in it. John also told Trump that he would be the biggest fundraiser in Apprentice history.

For those who watch the show, that is exactly what happened. He became the biggest fundraiser in Apprentice history. John called in a lot of his friends from Nashville and ended up donating the most amount of money that the show had ever seen!!

John gave a really awesome speech and took some questions afterwards, being very straightforward and likeable. In some cases, telling people things they didn't want to hear but being very respectful at the same time. He left them feeling good about the questions they had asked. To top it all off, John played a solo acoustic version of one of his most popular songs to the crowd!!!

One last thing mentioned: John explained that he gets advice all the time from smart people that he respects like financial guru Dave Ramsey, for example. John went on to say that he wants to get help, because if we all get better, the country can get better.

Not too bad for a poor kid from a trailer park in Amarillo, Texas.

Best Regards,

Tim Murphy,

Next up the rest of the story ....

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