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Does Failure Create Success?

By Tim Muprhy 1 years ago No comments

Take the case of Sara Blakely, the billionaire inventor of Spanx undergarments.

Blakely credits at least part of her massive success to her dad and the lessons he taught Sara and her brother by asking regularly about their failures – even encouraging them.

He believed failure was a way of experimenting and learning. He wanted his kids to willing to try new things without knowing the outcome. Bold thinking that leads – very often - to entrepreneurial outcomes. Each Week he would ask What Did You Fail At?

I believe it’s important to look at challenges from a variety of angles. It’s easy in hindsight to think ‘hey, if that hadn’t of gone wrong, we’d never have had the big breakthrough’.

My thinking? Challenge the status quo of your business before things go wrong – ask tough questions – even strange questions. Don’t assume because it hasn’t been done, it can’t be.

Innovate. Think big, or think small when needed, but don’t NOT do something because you fear failure. You might also discover you have much more fun when you don’t worry about the outcome.

P.S. Speaking of Failure- Did you know that Murphy has a 50 Ton Test Bed ? We use this to Proof Test items for customers – so they can have the piece of mind that their rigging meets working load or 2 times work load testing (depends on request and product). Here’s a link to our test bed:

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