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LOAD BINDERS – Different Types, Different Choices, Different Features

By Tim Muprhy 1 years ago No comments

When using transport chains to transport cargo in or on your vehicle, Load Binders are necessary to maintain a secure load. Tie-down chains for cargo securement, without a Load Binder, will not secure cargo in place. Load Binders are strong and durable, are available in a number of styles & load ratings and are sized to match the chain that you are using.


  • Lever Load Binder
  • Ratchet Load Binder
  • QuikBinder™
  • Speedbinders™

Lever-type load binders, made from forged steel, are designed to tighten chain for cargo securement. They have a double swivel lever that allows for quicker application of load, but do require a relatively high manual force applied by the person installing. There is also the threat of “kick back” from the lever if proper care is not taken, and the lever is accidentally released when applying load during installation.

Ratchet Load Binders. Ratchet binders are made from forged steel and are designed for securing loads in chain binding applications. Ratchet type load binders offer infinite adjustment for precise binding and are easier to operate than lever binders. These too require manual force to tighten the load. However the mechanical advantage provided by the ratchet makes loading a much lower force required. The Ratchet lever will not “kick back” if accidentally released.

QuikBinder™ - This premium patented ratchet binder is unlike any other binder available on the market today. In addition to all of the main benefits of a standard Ratchet Binder, QuikBinder™ PLUS is easier to install than standard ratchet load binders. The 3-position pawl offers the user a choice of ratchet extension, ratchet take-up or a "free spin" setting for fast adjustment in either direction. A load can be secured in half the time. It is available in three sizes and features a vinyl coated barrel for a strong, comfortable grip.

Speedbinder™ - This premium patented ratchet binder is also unlike any other binder available on the market today. It too has the basic benefits of a standard Ratchet Binder, with more. Versatile – can also be operated as a standard manual load binder. The ability to be power driven, Speedbinders will save considerable time ratcheting down and releasing loads. This time saving reduces truck operating time - thus reducing fuel costs, oil changes, maintenance costs, potential overtime or additional fleet and operator requirements. In confined situations, Speedbinders can be 20 to 30 times faster, allowing for total powered rotation where a manual binder may only be able to get a quarter rotation or less.


  • Chain Size
  • Chain Grade
  • WLL (Strength Rating)

Load Binders offer many outstanding features. However, to take advantage of all the benefits, stay safe, and ensure secure loads, operators need to understand the current performance criteria set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA). Your cargo securement system must conform to the established criteria. For safe loading of cargo, a load binder is essential. For more information go to

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