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Innovation or Implosion?

By Tim Muprhy 1 years ago No comments

I wrote recently about the important of innovation and creativity. You innovate to test ideas, meet new challenges, provide better solutions.

And, some things work, some don’t… I'm reminded of the Zeppelin. Here's an innovative idea by CargoLifter to deliver extremely heavy and large loads – ones too heavy to transport via road or rail – by Zeppelin. CargoLifter had tremendous demand, because they found a niche that wasn’t being served.

Heavy machine manufacturers like ABB, General Electric, and Siemens were struggling with delivering large machines in parts, to be assembled on site. The Zeppelin would allow them to deliver their machines fully assembled and tested.

It would be a shot of innovation for the building industry. Imagine prefabricated elements being transported directly to bridge construction sites and installed there. Pre-fab building could take on a whole new dimension, no longer having to design construction around transport.

Production managers, developers and logistics specialists were all over the idea – they understood what could change for them.

Enter the lawyers. At contract time, they pointed out the significant risks involved in transporting heavy freight by air. What would happen if a giant gas turbine crashed into a family home?

They hadn’t considered that risk. The cost was high, the technical details many. In the end CargoLifter filed for bankruptcy in 2002 because the CL160 Zeppelin could not be adequately financed. The idea is still an interesting one. Maybe we’ll see a new iteration of “Zeppelin-Transport” that works. I’ll keep my eye out.

At Murphy, we don’t have a Zeppelin – sorry. But we do have the next best thing – speedy shipping and quick delivery – anywhere in the continental US – often overnight. Contact or Call (866) 848-2032 us, we’ll deliver!

To Keeping the Wheels of Innovation Turning.

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