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How We Show Love for Our Customers

By Tim Muprhy 1 years ago No comments

Valentine’s Day has rolled around again. While for many people this’ll be a time of treating that special someone you love to a romantic evening or perhaps trying to woo a new love, we thought we’d dedicate this time to writing about how we show love to our customers every day of the year.

Here is our list of four things that we do for our customers every day that show the love!

We Go the Extra Mile

Some companies will simply stay afloat by doing the bare minimum. Discount prices and discount attention. We take the opposite approach. We value our customers’ time and money, and we know that by choosing to be our customers they are putting faith in us. We want to make sure that faith is justified, which is why we always go the extra mile when it comes to giving our customers the best experience they can have.

We Do It with a Smile

Whereas some companies would shudder at the above, most companies will admit – through gritted teeth – that going the extra mile is a part of being in business and a part of staying in business. What separates us from those companies is that while they have gritted teeth, we have a big, wide smile on our faces whenever we pick up that phone. We don’t do this in the hope of getting more money from you. We do this because we enjoy what we do and we are honored to support you in your work.

We Treat Our Customers as Partners

Whenever someone comes to us with a request, we think of them as a partner.

After all, the moment somebody comes to us and says, “I Need X for Y Purpose” we are partners in a way. We have a shared goal – that is, helping our customer achieve Y, preferably with product X or perhaps even a custom product that will do the job even better.

Sometimes a sales approach too easily falls into a selfish approach, which is why we have adopted another way: that we’re both in this together.

We will work tirelessly to assure you get to your goal, because from the moment you come to us, we’re as invested in you getting it right as you are.

We Pay Attention to Detail

Nobody can think of everything on their own. So when our customers come to us with an aim in mind, we understand that they have an idea that they’d like to see come true.

Now, we could just sell products to them and leave them to their own devices. But that’s not the Murphy way. We think of ourselves as a second brain, a second pair of eyes, and when needed, a second pair of hands.

Nobody can see everything, and so we look at our customers’ requests with attention to detail. Do they need product X, or would product Y be better – or some combination of the two?

This attention to detail, complete with everything else we do, shows that we care deeply for the success of our customers.

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