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D-Rings for Cargo Control

By Tim Muprhy 1 years ago No comments

D-rings are used to ensure the safe securement of cargo during transport. The name of these rings comes from the fact that they are shaped like the letter “D.” For Cargo Control, D-rings are used in conjunction with and as part of various types of tie-downs. When cargo is tied down with ratchets, chains, straps, D-rings, and other equipment keep everything secure eliminating the occurrence of a catastrophic release of the cargo.

Without question, cargo control is essential for transportation companies. These companies are responsible for moving all kinds of items where secure cargo is imperative.

Using D-Rings

As noted – D-rings are a component of cargo control equipment.

Attached to the Tiedown Strap.

D-Rings can be sewed to the connection end of Cargo Tiedown Straps. In this case a connecting hardware component is needed on your vessel, trailer or truck bed. With the closed D-ring and a locking hardware component, your connection will never be in jeopardy of becoming loose and shaking apart.

Attached to the Vessel, Trailer or Truck Bed (VTTB).

You can choose D-rings made from forged carbon, alloy or stainless steel that have a weld-on bracket. These links would be welded on to the VTTB and used as a fixed anchor point. This particular design allows the ring to pivot 180 degrees. Some sizes are available as “bolt on” as well as weld on type D-ring. Another similar weld on example is lashing D-rings, also made from forged steel. These weld on rings are often galvanized being a perfect choice for offshore operations. With quality welding, D-rings are the right choice for cargo control used on marine vessels, material handling equipment, steel, and trucks.

Recessed into Floor or Wall.

Another popular use of D-rings is for the more light duty use tie-down applications where the cargo VTTB is more often set up without using the D-rings. When this type of ring is not in use, it folds flush with the floor or wall, thus not being in the way of cargo.

D-rings are not to be used for lifting. Instead use a lifting a weld on lifting point or an approved lifting product.

Maintaining Cargo Control is essential for your business. Using the high-quality products that we offer at MURPHY INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS, INC. will give you all of the control you need for success.

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