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How to Get the Most out of Your Chain

By Tim Muprhy 1 years ago No comments

Transport chain and graded chain tips...

With many chain options available, it’s important to know the differences between grades of chain. Every grade of chain has different uses and applications, but can generally be separated into three main categories: overhead lifting chain, transport chain, and other welded industrial chain types.

Only grade 80 chain, grade 100 chain, and grade 120 chain is approved for overhead lifting.

Grade 50 stainless steel chain is also approved for overhead lifting, and is available by special order; call our sales team at 866-878-9355 for more information.

Grade 70 transport chain is excellent for use as load securement and tie down applications.

Grade 43 chain and grade 30 chain are good options for tie down applications often used in the agriculture, construction, and trucking industries.

We've come up with a handy little tip sheet you can grab to make your chain is safe and last as long as possible.

Below are a few quick tips on proper use of all types of chain:

Never exceed the Working Load Limit.

Inspect the chain before lifting and remove all twist and knots.

Keep chain away from heat.

If storing chain for long periods of time, oil the chain before storage

These are just a few little tips make sure to grab the full tip sheet below

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