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Scientists Discover an Unexpected Hangover Cure that Actually Works

By Tim Muprhy 8 months ago No comments

***Scientists Discover an Unexpected Natural Hangover Cure that Actually Works***

There is no shortage of alleged hangover cures, but now science is actually backing one up.

Australia’s national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), announced last month on its blog that in its research with Horticulture Innovation Australia, it made an unlikely discovery. Pears, in addition to lowering cholesterol, relieving constipation, and reducing inflammation, can also lower alcohol levels, preventing hangovers before they even start.

Murphy Letter - Hypersonic Jet - 1 Hour from New York to London

By Tim Muprhy 8 months ago No comments

Last month, the US Patent and Trademark Office approved an application from Airbus’s Marco Prampolini and Yohann Coraboeuf for an “ultra-rapid air vehicle and related method of aerial locomotion.”

In other words, Airbus just patented a hypersonic jet.

Airbus expects the hypersonic jet to reach speeds as high as Mach 4.5 — or four and half times the speed of sound.

Amazon approved to test delivery drone and other tidbits

By Tim Muprhy 8 months ago No comments

Amazon's delivery drones seemed like a fantastic dream by the company's eccentric billionaire founder when Jeff Bezos announced them on a television program a little more than a year ago. The flights have to take place during the day and the drones can't be out of sight of their operators. Operators must have a private pilot's certificate to fly the drones.

Have you ever heard of the “Putting Points on the Board Method?"

By Tim Muprhy 8 months ago No comments

It is a technique to help you get going and observe what you are doing in order to accomplish and end result.

Instead of just writing down your goals and relying on your good intentions - you turn it into a process and a measurable system.

Here is the way it works … it is incredibly simple.

How Has Your Business Changed in the Past Four Years?

By Tim Muprhy 8 months ago No comments

You probably feel like the same person you were the last time it was a leap year. You probably feel like your business is the same business it’s always been. In honor of February 29th, and we want to help you look at things a little differently.

Some Irish Wisdom to Bring You Luck

By Tim Muprhy 8 months ago No comments

Knock knock!

Who’s there?


Irish who?

Irish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ....

You find "Rigging Products" in the funniest places

By Tim Muprhy 8 months ago No comments

One of our employees was "out on the town" in Houston, TX ... where our home office is and saw this old hoist holding up the taps for their beer.

Thebelow photo was taken at the Revolver Bar here in Houston.

Try Something New This Year!

By Tim Muprhy 8 months ago No comments

It's a new year lets mix things up a bit ...

If you are like most people, setting goals doesn’t work very well.

Statistically, most people have forgotten their goals by late January.

You could try something different this year…

The Best Ways to Ensure New Year’s Resolution Success

By Tim Muprhy 8 months ago No comments

We all decide that 2016 is going to be the year we become a millionaire, get that body we’ve always wanted, and promise that our buddies are never going to have to take us home drunk again.

Believe it or not, New Year’s Resolutions can have a big impact on our lives. But you need to do several things to make them work: Pick wisely, work hard, work smart, and be honest with yourself.

Simultaneous vs Incremental

By Tim Muprhy 8 months ago No comments

Most of us have been trained to operate incrementally.

Do one thing and then move on to the next thing

and so on and so on….

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