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October 2018

Murphy is the “Get it Now” Supply Company for Rigging, Transport, Rental Industries and More.

By Tim Muprhy 5 months ago No comments

If you’re looking for on-demand rigging supplies you’ve come to the right place.

Murphy Industrials does what most companies will not do — custom, unique hard to get chain lengths, wire rope & synthetic sling configurations, custom cut security chain, custom made to order products and fast.

How much is in stock? Let me paint a picture, Rows of chains & Binders, Slings up to the ceilings. So many ratchet straps your head will spin. More shackles than will fit in a dump truck, need wire rope we have about 1,000 tons of the stuff just waiting to be cut and shipped.

Give us a try. Murphy will get you you dependable products you can count on quickly.

  • 80,000+ Products
  • 10,000+ slings in stock
  • Literally tons of shackles in stock
  • Miles of wire rope in stock
  • We cut custom chain, even security chain to length
  • Custom length ratchet straps
  • Handmade chain & wire rope slings with any end fitting

Safest, Fastest Load Binders You'll Ever Use ...

By Tim Muprhy 6 months ago No comments

These new style load binders are safer to tighten and loosen your loads and are so fast they'll make your head spin. Not only that they bust through dirt & grime and can take anything you can throw at them.

How fast you ask? ... up to 30x faster than regular load binders.

They will:

  • Keep labor cost down
  • Still operate as a manual load binde
  • Built to last
  • Less idle time for trucks
  • Power through dirty/neglected binder
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