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Al Capone, Easy Eddie & Memorial Day ... A Good Read!

By koushik ganguly 10 months ago No comments
Here's a good Memorial Day Story You'll Actually Want to Read ...
In the 1930’s there was a man nicked named Easy Eddie.
He was one of Al Capone’s most important lieutenants

Picutre of Easy Eddie W/ Al Capone

Easy Eddie was a lawyer and proficient at handling the gangster's profits from gambling, racketeering, shakedowns & prostitution.

The Federal Government wanted to put Capone in jail but they had a very hard time convicting him. Mostly due to Capone’s ability to intimidate and bribe witnesses as well as authorities.

Although Easy Eddie had a very nice lifestyle and was rewarded handsomely by Capone, he made a decision.

His decision was to set an example for his only son and break free from the mob and the bad lifestyle he had been a part of.

Knowing that it would probably get him killed, he began to work with the government to show them how Capone made and hid his money. The Government used this information and eventually convicted Al Capone and sent him to Alcatraz Penitentiary for 11 years where he died in prison.

Within 2 years of working with the government, Easy Eddie was gunned down and murdered on a Chicago street.

Fast forward to 1942…

America had recently Entered World War II and our fate was unknown.

A young pilot in the South Pacific named Butch O’ Hare and another pilot
had recently left their carrier as part of the second group of planes on a mission to attack the Japanese.

Once airborne Butch noticed that someone had forgotten to top off his gas tank,
so he got permission to return to the carrier.

On his way back he and the other pilot discovered an entire squadron of 9 Japanese bombers about to attack and sink their ship.

It was too late to call back his original squadron and not enough time to warn the carrier.

To make things worse, the other pilot’s guns jammed.

This left Butch as the last defense between the Japanese and the ship. With time running out he did the only thing he could do.

He took on the whole Japanese squadron by himself.

Flying in and out of the bombers and using his limited ammunition sparingly,
he began to attack while doing his best to avoid getting shot down by enemy tail gunners.

Those on the carrier watched as Butch attempted to stop the bombers from sinking the ship and killing all of his fellow crewmen.

Buzzing in and out of the bombers like angry hornet…

Butch gunned down the first bomber, then the second, then the third, then a fourth…

Eventually, he took out 6 Bombers by himself and then ran out of ammunition —
So he did the only other thing he could do, he rammed the 7th bomber.

His actions were so effective that the remaining Japanese bombers turned around.

Picture of Butch in Plane

In the end, only 2 bombers came close to the carrier and both missed.

Butch O’hare had saved the carrier and the crew from a certain catastrophe.

It was a much needed physical and moral victory for the USA.

O’hare became a national hero and was the first pilot in WW II to be awarded the Navy's Flying Ace & Navy's Medal of Honor Awards.

Not bad for a gangster’s son.

That’s right, “Butch” O’ Hare was Easy Eddie’s only son.

He is also the same O’ Hare of Chicago’s world-famous O’Hare Airport.

In honor of Butch who was killed in combat about a year after his heroic battle, the city of Chicago named their airport after him.

Picture of O'Hare receiving metal

Happy Memorial Day.

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