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Fall Protection Harness

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Fall Protection Harness Dennington




Make sure your workers don’t hit bottom when they fall. 
Get the Safety Gear Harness with the shortest fall distance available. 
“Gentler” shock absorber causes less slamming, trauma to person falling. 
Easier on the Family Jewels!! 
Doesn’t just catch you when you fall, also protects your body from injury.

Fall Harness - Safety Protection




worker will hit this lower

     level using a tear away lanyard         
     if he is not in proper use and ties
     off anywhere that is not above his head.


To be in proper use of the Tear away style you must tie off over-the-head.   
If you cannot tie off over the top of the head then you cannot be in proper

use of this equipment. If you fall like this man, the blame is placed on the
person using the equipment and the contractor.                                                           


  • The most important point is that there is no need to tie off over the top of
    your head like other systems
  • Up to 8 1/2’ Shorter Fall Distance
  • Shock absorber engages immediately helping to eliminate the slamming effect,
    loss of hardhat or glasses, and whiplash to the neck

Fall Protection

  • Virtually eliminates suspension trauma by keeping you vertical

fall protection

  • Automatically forms a cup which virtually eliminates testicular injuries; one out
    of every nine people that fall in other style harnesses, that catches you in the middle
    of the back and makes you slump forward, pinches the groin area and can cause
    severe injuries and add to suspension trauma.
  • Works as confined space and/or emergency rescue harness

fall protection harness

  • Double tie off will not allow you to be ejected from aerial lift

fall protection

  • Shock absorber is calibrated in three separate weight classes
    (Small: 120-160 lbs; Med 160-220 lbs; Large 220-300 lbs; XLarge over 300 lbs)
  • Other harnesses were designed to keep you from hitting the ground, the
    Dennington Harness was designed specifically to protect your body in the event of a fall.

UL certified to OSHA standard and ANSI recommendations;
system even exceeds these standards

OSHA Standards


product specifications:

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