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Grade 120 Ratchet Type

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GRADE 120 Load Binders for Cargo Securement and Tightening of Chains - MADE IN GERMANY. Ratchet binders are made from forged steel and are designed for securing loads in chain binding applications on flatbed trucks and rail cars, as well as for cargo holding in the marine industry. Ratchet type load binders offer infinite adjustment for precise binding and are easier to operate than lever binders.

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Specs on Grade 120 Ratchet Load Binders - (To Order Click the product above)


  • High strength Grade 120 construction for maximum working loads
  • Forged steel eye bolt, Steel barrel construction and cast handle assembly
  • High load capacity trapezoidal thread form
  • Hooks and links heat treated to Grade 120 strength standards
  • Short reach hooks provide for maximum take-up
  • Double acting spring loaded pawls
  • Working load limit, chain size and batch code stamped on handle with 1/4" tall raised letters
  • Meets NACM specification of 4:1 Design factor on Working Load Limit
  • Meets or exceeds US FMCSA and CVSA regulations including 49 CFR parts 392 and 393