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Safe Sling Guidelines

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Rated Capacity

The rated capacities of the slings in this catalog are given in pounds. Refer to the

maximum recommended weight for which the sling Is to be used in one of the standard

types of lifts as illustrated:



Effect of Angle

When slings are used at an angle (i.e.-two slings or one sling in a basket attached to one crane hook), sling capacity is reduced. How much it is reduced depends on

the degree of the angle. You can determine whether a sling will be rated high enough.

You know the angle between the sling leg and the horizontal. Once you know this angle,

multiply the sling's rating by the appropriate factor in the table. This will give you the

sling’s reduced rating.


A sling capable of lifting 1,000 lbs. in a vertical basket hitch can only lift 866 lbs. at a 60 degree angle, 707 lbs. at a 45 degree angle and 500 lbs. at a 30 degree angle.

Note:(1) percent of a sling rated capacity in a choker hitch.

Chemical Environment Data Guide:

Guide only. For specific temperature, concentration and time factors, consult an expert prior to use.

*Disintegrated by concentrated Sulfuric Acid. Degraded by strong Alkalis at elevated temperatures.


product specifications:

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