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Our lifting slings are broken down into 4 categories: synthetic slings (which include multiple types of slings including nylon and polyester), chain slings, wire rope slings, and wire mesh slings.

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Polyester Web Slings - Being light weight and pliable polyester web slings offer great versatility able to make lifts of a variety of material and may be used in a vertical, choker or basket type hitch. Polyester lifting slings are susceptible to cuts and abrasion damage, as well as damage from temperatures above 200 degrees. These lifting devices should be protected from sharp edges, sharp projections and heat sources such as steam pipes, open flame and welding splatter. Available in multi-leg bridles.

Polyester Round Slings - Made from a continuous loop of polyester fiber with a woven jacket. Load-bearing fibers are protected from cuts and abrasions by the jacket. Low stretch, color coded for easy identification, sewn on tag with WLL.

Wire Rope Slings - Durable, flexible, abrasion resistant, and strong. Great choice for rugged work environments. Lighter weight than chain slings. Available with standard eyes, thimble eyes, and in multi-leg bridles with a variety of hooks.

Chain Slings – Abrasion and cut resistant, heat resistant, and rugged. Made using grade 100 alloy chain and grade 100 hardware. Customizable with a wide range of configurations and end fittings to meet any need. Made with USA chain and high quality Italian hardware (USA hardware available upon request).

Wire Mesh Slings – Commonly used in metalworking shops and steel warehouses where loads are abrasive, hot, or tend to cut web. Benefits include steel construction that resists abrasions and cutting, flexible, low stretch, repairable, resists corrosion, alloy steel end fittings.