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Lever Hoist w/ OP

JET® Lever Hoists

JET® is committed to engineering and manufacturing the safest products on the market to limit job site liability. These can be used with Jet Beam Clamps and Jet Trolleys.


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Specs on Jet Lever Hoist with Overload Protection - (To Order Click the product above)

Reasons To Choose Jet Lever Hoists
  • 3/4-ton to 6-ton Capacities.
  • 5', 10', and 20' lifts available.
  • Lightweight, compact design for low headroom applications.
  • All units feature premium 100 grade chain for extreme wear resistance.
  • Patented fused break disc design for low maintenance.
  • Caged roller bearings used on load sprocket increase ease of use and efficiency.
  • Lever Hoist with Overload Protection.

CAUTION: Be sure that the supporting structures and load attaching devices used in conjunction with this hoist provide an adequate safety factor to handle the rated load plus the weight of the equipment. If in doubt, consult a qualified structural engineer. This equipment is not to be used for lifting, supporting or transporting people, or lifting and supporting loads over people.