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Beam Clamp

JET® Industrial-Duty Beam Clamps

JET HD Series Beam Clamps come in capacities from 1 ton to 5 tons and can accommodate a beam up to 12 inches wide. Each JET beam clamp jaw is designed to distribute the load away from the beam flange and adjusts easily for a wide range of standard H or I beams. Available up to 5 Ton capacities, the HD Series has a greater beam flange width for wider beams.

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Features for Beam Clamps:

  • For construction, commercial and industrial vertical or horizontal rigging
  • 1-ton to 5-ton Capacities
  • Mount hoists or lift beams with portable lightweight clamp
  • Adjusts with ease to fit a broad range of wide-flange H or standard I-beams
  • Clamp jaw designed to distribute the load away from beam flange edge
  • Low headroom with built-in suspension rod
  • Proof tested with test certificate
  • Compliance: ANSI/ASME B30.17 and B30.20 standards

CAUTION: Read owners manual for additional warnings and precautions before use. Failure to read, understand and follow all instructions can result in serious injury. Do not exceed rated capacity. Use clamp only if authorized and properly trained. Do not move unbalanced load. Not for use in explosive environment.