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Lever Hoist

Features and Benefits:
  • Free Wheel Feature - When not under load, the operator can disengage the gearing by positioning the selection switch to the center position. This allows for a quick adjustment.
  • Machined Lift Wheel - This wheel perfectly accepts the chain for smooth operation.
  • Pull Handle / Safety Chain Stop - When not under load, this allows for quick disengagement of gearing for fast movement of the load hook. The safety stop is designed to hold the load in the event that the entire load chain is transmitted through the hoist.
  • 360 Degree Handle Rotation - This allows the operator to work in confined spaces.
  • Corrosion Protection - Hoist components are powder coated to prevent corrosion. Product I.D. labels made from stainless steel.
  • Fully Enclosed Lift Wheel - This maintains smooth operation while distributing the load over more links of chain. It also helps keep debris from contaminating the lift wheel and self cleans the chain as it enters the wheel.
  • Steel Handle with Rubber Grip - This handle provides a non slip, sure grip, surface. Cast Steel Hand Wheel - Rotates to allow positive load chain positioning.
    Lower Block - Included with multistrand hoists. 

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