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Ferrules & Wedges

Ferrules & Wedges

Machined wedge-type ferrules permit the make up or repair of chokers and winch lines in minutes – no molten socket metal or swaging equipment is required. Ferrules are comprised of high strength alloy steel. The two-piece wedges are rifled to provide more gripping surface on the wire rope strands and greater holding power. WARNING: Wedge-type ferrules are intended only for use with new 6 x 19 class or 6 x 37 class, right regular lay, EIP, IWRC rope made to U.S. specifications.

Zinc ferrules are made of shock- and abrasion-resistant alloy steel for maximum durability. These ferrules are designed to fit Bardon choker hooks, ensuring easy installation and trouble-free performance.

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FERRULES - Wedge-type Ferrules

Six Strand Wedges

Seven Strand Wedges

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