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Torque Drive Binders

“Spend 50% Less Time Tightning Chains”

• We recommend the DeWalt (DCD991P2 20volt MAX XR) to use with this product.

• Can be operated with or without drill.

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Specs on Torque Drive Load Binders - (To order click the product above)

Labor costs will go down. Torque Drive Binders will save considerable time ratcheting down and releasing loads. This time saving reduces truck operating time - thus reducing fuel costs, oil changes, maintenance costs, potential overtime or additional fleet and operator requirements.

Ideal for tight areas. In confined situations, Torque Drive Load Binders can be 20 to 30 times faster, allowing for total powered rotation where a manual binder may only be able to get a quarter rotation or less.

Powers through dirty, neglected threads on binders. Simply adjust the torque setting on your portable drill.

Need a little more proof of how amazing this new binder is? Watch the video below.