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SCC Quickbinder Plus

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SCC Quickbinder Plus Ratchet Load Binders. This premium patented ratchet binder is unlike any other binder available on the market today. Now it is better than ever, with higher working load limits designed for use with either Grade 70 (S-7) Transport or Grade 80 (T-8) Alloy tie-down chains.


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Set Descending Direction
product specifications:

Specs on Quickbinder Ratchet Load Binders - (To Order Click the product above)

SCC's QuickBinder™ PLUS is easier to install than standard ratchet load binders. The 3-position pawl offers the user a choice of ratchet extension, ratchet take-up or a "free spin" setting for fast adjustment in either direction. A load can be secured in half the time. It is available in three sizes and features a vinyl coated barrel for a strong, comfortable grip.

Reasons To Choose Quickbinders
  • The folding handle makes SCC's QuickBinder™ PLUS safer (no handle sticking out) and more convenient to use. Simply fold the handle down after the load is secure or when storing on your cab rack. Stronger, faster, safer and and more functional than standard ratchet binders.
  • The SCC QuickBinder™ PLUS can be locked to the tie-down chain with a long shank padlock, making it more difficult to tamper with the binder, assembly or the load. Padlocks with programmable combinations are available from SCC.
  • The special hook construction supports the load of the chain and will not bind. Load binders are heat treated and proof tested with forged heat treated hooks. The Working Load Limit is permanently marked on handle. SCC load binders feature special links with controlled flash welds.

Ratchet type load binders offer infinite adjustment for precise binding and are easier to operate than lever binders.

Make sure to choose the right transport chain, hooks, and sizes to go with your binders. Don't hesitate to give us a call with any questions.

WARNING: Failure to comply with instructions may result in property damage, serious personal injury or and/or loss of life. Load binding systems store energy which can release suddenly, causing serious injury. Stay clear of handles, bars and other binding equipment as it could release without warning and with extreme force. Observe the working load limit as stated in the catalog and on tags to determine the number of tie-down assemblies and/or hardware required for safe operation per federal D.O.T.

FMCSA 49 CFR Parts 392-393 and the CVSA vehicle inspection criteria. Remember, all assemblies are only as strong as their weakest point, including the point of attachment. Use extreme caution when tensioning the binder on a chain assembly to assure the chain links are fully seated in the hook belly before releasing the pressure on the loadbinder. Always keep hands and fingers away from the chain path and keep head and body out of the path of the load-binder handle in case of slippage or kickback.

Loadbinder extensions: Only use combination winch bars designed with a binder cradle to assist in tightening a load binder. Ensure that the load binder handle is fully inserted into the winch bar cradle and locked in place. Failure to do so may cause the bar to slip and result in serious personal injury and/or loss of life. Load binders will tighten adequately with the torque generated by hand pullover or ratcheting. Never use a pipe or unapproved extensions (cheater bars).

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