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Load Binders

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Murphy Industrial Products offers a wide range of Ratchet and Lever Load Binders from manufacturers like Durabilt, Columbus McKinnon, SCC Quickbinder, SpeedBinders, and import load binders. We offer a variety of end fittings and capacities to meet any load securement need. Grade 70, 80, 100, and 120 Load Binders available.

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product specifications:

Chain binders or Load binders are essential equipment for securing loads. There are two types of binders to choose from and both are excellent for heavy duty use. Picking the right binder is really based on your own personal preference.

Ratchet Binders: These use a ratcheting mechanism to tighten the chain and secure your load. The ratcheting handle creates tension on the hooks on each end. These are considered the more safe option over lever load binders since the risk of the handle snapping back at you. We also over the new speedbinder which uses a drill to tighten the load in seconds and is also a ratchet binder too.

Lever Binders: These binders use a lever that produces leverage to tighten the chain and secure your load. These can be simple to use and tighten quicker than ratchet binders but you run the risk of the lever snapping back at you. Just be aware of these risk.

Murphy offers chain binders up to Grade 120 load binders to go with our Grade 120 chain.

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