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Grade 70 Transport

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Murphy Industrials offers many different types and grades of transport chain to go with any load binder. We have grade 43 chain and grade 70 chain in bulk and standard sizes as well as custom sizes and hooks. Not sure if your chain needs to be replaced? Order a Chain Gauge and check it.

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Grade 70 chain can go by a few industry names but transport chain is the most popular. It is a high strength chain the comes with a clevis hook and meets all requirements for trucking loads across the country, so when you get inspected it’s not a problem. However, grade 70 chain is not rated for over head lifting.
If you need over head lifting capabilities see our grade 120 chain and our chain slings sections of the website.

Choosing a binder for your chain:

Ratchet Binders: These use a ratcheting mechanism to tighten the chain and secure your load. The ratcheting handle creates tension on the hooks on each end. These are considered the more safe option over lever load binders since the risk of the handle snapping back at you. We also over the new speedbinder which uses a drill to tighten the load in seconds and is also a ratchet binder too.

Lever Binders: These binders use a lever that produces leverage to tighten the chain and secure your load. These can be simple to use and tighten quicker than ratchet binders but you run the risk of the lever snapping back at you. Just be aware of these risk.