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Find the right chain and binder to secure any load. Binding chain with grab hooks on each end available in Grade 43 and Grade 70 from import and USA chain manufacturers. Ratchet and Lever Load Binders from Durabilt, SCC Quickbinder, Columbus McKinnon (Made in USA), SpeedBinder, and more.


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All of our transport chain is made to NACM (National Association of Chain Manufacturers) specifications. Murphy’s chains and binders are in stock and ready to go. We can also build out custom chain assemblies to your specifications.

Transport chain is sometimes referred to as cargo chain, binder chain or trucking chain and is used for heavy duty cargo control. Transport chain is not to be used for overhead lifting. Please see our grade 100 or grade 120 chain sections if that is what you are looking for.

Murphy also offers hooks for transport chain as well. We have Grade 70 grab hooks, Grade 70 clevis slip hooks both with and without latches. If you need over head lifting hooks visit our grade 100 hooks section.

There are two different kinds of binders ratchet binders and lever binders. Ratchet binders are use a ratcheting action to tighten the chain and lever binders use leverage to tighten the chain.

If you need any assistance choosing the right combination, size, hooks for you chain and binders we’ll be happy to help and have a onsite engineer to help with your needs. Give one of our experts a call at: (866) 848-2032