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Strap Tightner

Truckers are the 3rd most injured group in the workplace. So wouldn’t it be prudent to try to reduce your chances of injuries? 

By using this ratchet strap tightening handle everyone will stay safe and tightens 4”, 3” and 2” Ratchet  Straps with ease.

The “Mechanical Advantage” gained by using this ratchet strap tightening handle reduces the stresses put on the body while tightening portable ratchet straps and is good for the seasoned pro to the weekend mover.


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3" Ratchet Tie Downs are heavy duty straps and come with flat hooks, wire hooks & chain with a grab hook. They are designed to hold cargo in place on trucks, trailers, cars, transport ships and more. 3” Ratchet straps work by ratcheting down tightly over your cargo or load.